August 2017 Newsletter

Welcome All,

For some of us it’s the beginning of a new school year next week, a great time to take stock of what’s been achieved, where we are now and what we wish for the next year.

I’ve been making plans for us too. Look out for some new walks and some more regular walkers joining you.

That’s a great time to welcome each and every new Passport holder to our family. There’s too many to name but you know who you are & I’m looking forward to introducing you to everyone.

There were some statistics out last week that you may have seen:  4 out of 10 40 – 60 year old’s don’t manage a brisk 10 minute walk a month.

Scary stuff, especially when you add in years of a poor diet and being desk bound for most or all of their working life, all contributing to the risk factor for osteoporosis.

What’s even scarier is that it’s likely to be either you or me who’ll have a fracture as 50% of woman between 50 -75 and are post menopause are at risk. If you’re a man and reading this the odds are so much better you’ll be pleased to know!

Whilst we’re improving our odds of preventing or delaying a fracture, what about our friends & family?

I’m looking to help change these odds. I’m sure you all have someone who could benefit from being more active and who’d enjoy Nordic Walking.

Give me a ring on 07941 103966 & we can arrange for them to join in one of our walks.

There are a few of you with vouchers you’ve not yet used. You earned them, so don’t forget to trade them in for your free walk.

For those of you who missed it, I turned 50 this July.

To celebrate this milestone, each of you Freedom Card & Passport holders will receive a voucher for a FREE walk as your birthday gift. This will be back dated to July.

I need you to go onto your account on the website & ensure that you’ve logged your birthday. Alternatively email or text me the date so I don’t miss you out.

A few of you know, I’ve been planning our Christmas walk.

Arundel has a Christmas market which is one of the places to go in southern England apparently. I’ve spoken with some of the locals & their faces lit up when they told me about the roaming musicians and Father Christmas, the lantern parade & snow machine. There’s a hog roast and late night shopping too.

I appreciate it’s around an hour away depending on where you live, but it’s a special celebration & promises to be lots of fun. Fingers crossed the Nordic Angels keep the weather clear for us.

I’ll send out a separate email with more details, in the meantime put Saturday 2nd December in your diary. 

A list of the September walks is attached. Please book via the website at in the usual way.

The Purbeck Walking Festival is coming up quickly now so I wont be around that weekend, nor will I be walking the weekend before as I’m off to a seminar.


16th – 18th September    Purbeck Walking Festival

2nd December                 Arundel Christmas walk

Best wishes and happy walking.


Mobile:  07941 103966  



Updated: September 3, 2017 — 11:57 am